Juxtaposition Project








To get there from city tech, you will have to have to take the R train at Jay Street- Metrotech station to Dekalb Avenue or Atlantic Avenue where you will then transfer to the Q or B train and take it to Avenue J. After you get off at Avenue J in Brooklyn, you will take the B6 or B11 bus right outside of the subway station to Campus Rd where one of the buses will take you directly to the front of the building. This is an example of Juxtaposition because the building on the left looks older and is covered in plants and flowers. The building on the left looks older compared to the modern and remodeled buildings that have been built around the area.

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  1. The difference between the two buildings is clear, and the one with ivy growing all over it is itself and interesting juxtaposition of nature and construction.

    The goal of the assignment is to get to know the area around City Tech better. Could you look for a similar building in this area? I wonder if a google search could help you find the kind of building you’re looking for in this area, and that would help you get to know the area better.

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