Juxtaposition Project

To reach this location from City Tech, walk along Tillary St. then once you come across Cadman Plaza Park. From here walk through Cadman Plaza Park, passing the Brooklyn War Memorial. Near the end of Cadman Plaza Park, where Cadman Plaza W and Prospect St. meet there will be a path to walk down Old Fulton St. Following the Old Fulton St. path walk under the Brooklyn Bridge and continue walking straight, past Jane’s Carousel and you will end up in this location.

Whenever I have more than a two-hour break, I take some time to walk along the waterfront. I come here to calm myself with the familiar scent of the waters and the sound of waves crashing against the rocks. During my recent long period break, I saw two ships on the water sailing past one another. The juxtaposition in the image above is of these two passing ships on the East River. The one on the left is much smaller and pristine compared to the one of the right which is much larger and looks worn out. These vessels are both used on the water, but they serve different duties. Since the smaller one is a ferry boat transporting people from one destination to another. The larger one which I presume is a barge that is currently transporting goods.

1 thought on “Juxtaposition Project”

  1. I’m so glad you have a place you like to go nearby! I’m sure you’re not alone in finding the water calming, so this is a great addition to the expanding campus we’re building.

    For the juxtaposition, I can see why you would want to compare two boats, but I wonder if that leaves the water out of your project. Could you instead juxtapose the two boats with the water itself? Let’s think about what each version offers you for this project.

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