Reminder: Homework posts due 10/22

Last week for homework you contemplated whether you wanted to research before your Project #3 walk or allow your exploration to be more spontaneous.

For Tuesday (10/22):

  • Choose the location of your overlap.
  • Pinpoint your location on a map (let’s try using this map)
  • In a post on our OpenLab Ways of Seeing site (Category=ENG1101 Project #3, Tag=discover, juxtposition, and anything else you want), include your photograph, and write your process for walking there so someone else can get there, too. This should be more detailed than Google Maps directions would be by including descriptions of landmarks to help someone travel the same path you did, noticing the same things you did. This is one example of what is called process writing.
  • Another important type of writing for students in your major is descriptive writing. Describe your location, including all sensory experiences you had at the location.
  • Identify the juxtaposition, and explain the elements of the overlap. Explain how your photograph frames the location. How does it capture your juxtaposition—or how can’t it capture it?
  • If you chose to do any research prior to your walk or following your walk, write about it here.

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