Pattern mashup


These are my first designs that I started off with when I was listening to the song señorita by shawn mendes and camilla. There was more like swirl lines instead of having some geometric shapes. The music to me was more like flowing in a way,which I thought it didn’t have high notes nor low notes to change my created designs.


These here are my chosen 6 designs that I used to do my mashup. However, I only chose like 3 which are the ones on the bottom.


This is where I came up with my final sketch in Bristol. I really liked how it came out since it was what I expected of it looking and I did a very good job of giving some space to see the details even the smallest ones.

Some things that I have learned about this project is that when you create patterns by listening to music, the sketches can run freely and they can all be different or similar. Doing this project was very fun and a new experience for me. However, not really sure of what will become of the next project.

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  1. I like how your designs can work as both a texture and a design. But I wish you would have chosen one more design to do or rearrange the format of your project so you don’t have the same things next to each other

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