Project #2 : Final Draft (completed)

Faariah Hiyaat

    Faariah Hiyaat, or Fari as she is known by many, is a Guyanese-born, American-raised 17-year-old, whom is exploring the innovative world of design with the help of her enrollment at the New York City College of Technology as a COMD major. She has been private school bound for predominantly her entire childhood and teenage years, where design courses of any sort are not offered. Under these circumstances, her experience in the design field is rather scarce, however, her drive to create has been there ever since her early childhood years. From being a young fashionista, to drawing an exact replica of Spongebob at just 7-years old, Ms. Hiyaat is striving to expand her skill set in the design field in hopes of a more productive and flourishing future as a designer.



Question #1

I’d like to start off by asking you, what exactly is your avatar and how does it represent you?

    Personally, whenever I’m viewing someone’s profile, on any platform, I’m almost always interested in finding out who the person is or what he/she looks like. I believe that your profile photo is the best place to advertise that, of course; it’s the first area that people’s eyes are drawn to in most cases. It also helps others get to briefly know you or infer things about you. Having said that, my avatar is a photo of me, taken on July 4th by my mother, at Orient Point, NY. Although it may not seem like it, this picture is actually an off guard. I chose this as my avatar because I love the vibe it gives off; it’s a picture that’s full of life. It catches the eye without doing too much, which basically sums up me as a person. The way the rays of the golden hour bounce off of my melanin rich skin is quite impeccable, in my opinion; it creates a sense of unity, and, tied in with the background, an aura of serenity. Additionally, the way the wind is blowing through my hair, along with my smile, showcases the idea that I’m quite an easygoing girl who just wants to enjoy life. I love exploring, which is where the beach background comes in, and standing out in my own ways, whether it be my appearance, my writing, the way I carry myself, anything really! I feel as if this photo really captures an accurate representation of me and what I love. Also, the fact that my mom took it out makes it a billion times more special.


Question #2

So tell me, what are you passionate about?

    Well, I LOVE fashion. I love putting outfits together and coordinating colors. It puts my mind at ease and gives me a sense of satisfaction whenever I put together an outfit that really strikes. Additionally, I believe that with every outfit, jewelry is a must-have. I never leave the house without being all blinged-out, and if I do, I usually walk with my jewelry in a box, ready to be put on whenever I’m in a rush, which is almost every morning. Many times, my family members and relatives depend on my opinion when it comes to an article of clothing, or anything in general now that I think about it, and whether or not it works for them, or whatever the case may be. Aside from that, I enjoy pretty much any type of designing to be honest. I simply just love to create, draw, doodle, innovate, silently express myself, etc. Overall, I connect all this to designing because when you design something, essentially what you’re doing is using your imagination, your creativity, and your perspective to create or put together a piece, whatever you desire it to be.


Question #3

How do you intend to grow as a designer with this program?

    I’m hoping that with this program I’ll be able to further expand my knowledge in the world of design. I intend on learning new techniques and adapting new skills that will benefit me in the future, concerning my field of study and any jobs I may come across. Sometimes I’m not as creative as I think I should be or as I’d like to be, new ideas don’t really pop into my head on the spot or as readily as I’d like. So, hopefully this program will help get my creative juices flowing a bit smoother and open up my eyes to new perspectives. At the moment, my mind isn’t really set on any particular field within this major that I’d like to pursue, but I know that as I learn new skills, gain more experience, and grow as a designer, my mind will steer into the direction that’s best suited for me.


Question #4

What catches your eye when looking at other people’s work?

    When viewing other people’s work, quite a few things run through my mind. Firstly, I almost always analyze how precise and crisp an article of work is. That’s a major area for me because at times, I tend to be a perfectionist. I also focus on how different and unique a piece is in comparison to what I’ve been exposed to thus far, or what reality is accustomed to seeing. I don’t really judge too hard in that area because we’ve already been exposed to so much in our generation. Our world is full of invention and creativity, so it’s hard to put out something that’s never been seen or created before. Color is also big factor for me. I love vibrancy and colors in general. Don’t get me wrong, monochrome pieces are still beautiful and interesting, and often times pieces look best as is, however, there are occurrences where color adds that sparkle that really brings an article to life.


Question #5

Lastly, can you see yourself doing anything else? 

    I don’t like to anchor myself down or become dependent on one thing. I always like to have backups just in case things go downhill. So, I actually can see myself doing something else. I love science and forensics. I enjoy solving mysteries, putting things together, and learning more about the human body, nature, our world, and the universe. Also, I used to be quite good when it came to chemistry, USED to be. I haven’t done chemistry in a while so my skills might be a little rusty and need some refreshing, but at one point it was one of my favorite subjects. This is a huge turn from the design world but I’ve always been interested in areas like these. Another thing I love to do is bake. Although it may seem a tad bit ridiculous, I’ve had thoughts of opening up my own bakery. I still have a lot more learning to do concerning that though, so of course I’d need to perfect my skill. Above all, fashion and designing is where it’s at for me to be honest, but hey, if things don’t work out, at least I have backup plans.

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