Class Notes 10/10

  1. Cover letters for Project #2
  2. 2 readings for Project #3
  3. Focused Freewrite: Think about a time when you noticed something changed in your neighborhood or a neighborhood you spend time in. What did you see? what was your initial reaction? what do you think about it now?
    • building renovation
    • nationalities in the neighborhood
    • stores–openings, closings, etc
    • construction projects–public space
    • changes in public transit
    • seasonally/holidays
    • paper in the windows
    • construction workers, materials
    • moving in and out
    • hear new languages, music, smells
    • anger for being displaced, change in routine
    • emphasizes priorities that we might not like
    • convenience
  4. For homework, continue reading the two pieces we started today. Mark them up: vocabulary, what you agree with, what you want to question or challenge, what makes sense or what you need to understand better, what stands out, what you want to try, what you already do, etc.

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