At last, ENG 1101 Project #2 final draft, delivered

We’ve made it through Project #2!

Before you submit your work, please review the Project #2 assignment. To submit your work, your Project #2 following these guidelines:

  • create a new post (rather than revising an older one)
  • Give your project a title. It can start with “Project #2” but then should have some title that’s specific to your work.
  • Include the introduction with your thesis statement as well as the 5 questions and answers. One of your questions must be some version of “What is your avatar? How does it represent you”–but it doesn’t need to be the first question. It might be easier to include it later, after you’ve said more about yourself.
  • make sure that the introduction and each answer average 150-200 words, making the project overall 750-1200 words.
  • you don’t need any special heading for your project because it’s already in the title and the metadata for the post.
  • Many of you ended up centering your drafts, rather than left-aligning. Please left-align.
  • Use the category ENG1101 Project #2 and the tag Deliver in addition to any other tags you want to add.
  • Be sure to post your work by the start of class, 11:30am, on Th 10/10.
  • We will write cover letters in class.

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