Project #2 Complete Draft

Lenny Cruz is is a design student at New York College of Technology. Lenny has always had a passion for art. He was first introduced to art in High School when he took a graphic design and video production class as a Sophmore. Two years later, Lenny chose to major in COMD at City Tech where he saw this as an opportunity to follow his passion for art. Lenny has always idolized designers like Virgil Abloh, an artist, architect, engineer, creative director, and designer who is currently the Founder and CEO of Off-White and the Artistic Director of men’s wear at Louis Vuitton. Virgil is the world’s most influential designer and has had a lot of impact on the way people dress today. Like Virgil Abloh, Lenny has always wanted to have an impact in his community and in the world. He plans to use his graphic design skills to influence people around the world.

Virgil Abloh


My Avatar is an abstract picture of a tree. I chose a tree as my avatar because trees symbolize growth and transformation. I chose this picture because I like how the leaves have a higher contrast than the rest of the picture and create an illumination that makes it look like the tree is on. When I think of trees, I think of regrowth. If you cut a tree in half it will regrow back to how it was before. I want my avatar to remind me every time that I look at it that it does not matter if I have to start again, I can always get back to how I was or even better. If I were to use this as my logo I would because this avatar represents me as a graphic designer. I would love to edit this picture and maybe use it as a background with a headshot picture of me.

What are your expectations of being a COMD major in your first year?

In my first year of college being part of a COMD major, I expect to meet as many people as I can that share the same interests as me. I want to have connections and I want to build friendships that will last for longer than college personal connections are always important. As a college freshman being part of a COMD major I also expect to find a class that will help me choose a career in Communication Design such as Graphic Design, Illustrator, advertising design, photography, etc… I also want to learn how to manage my time. I want to be able to study, do homework and spend time with family and friends which is something I have always had a problem with when it comes to school. 

Can you see yourself doing anything else?

To be honest, I don’t think I see myself doing anything else other than design. As much as I love playing basketball I am not tall enough to play as a professional. I see myself as a graphic designer in the future but what I do as a designer might change. Right now my plan is to learn as much as I can about principles of designing so that I choose the right career as I designer. I never had any plans on becoming anything else than a graphic designer but after being part of the COMD program I have learned that there are many good careers in the design field. As of now, I am interested in graphic design and advertising and I want to continue developing my design skills.


       What is your dream job in the field of design?

Because of my passion for designing, my dream job in the design field would be graphic designing. I love working with programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. To me, a dream job is a job that lets me use my creativity to do something that I love, which is designing. I want to collaborate with other people that have the same passion for design as me. I started working with photoshop in high school when I was a sophomore. I took 2 years of graphic designing and video production class which made me realize how powerful art is. In those 2 years, I learned that art is one of the best ways to express ourselves and to help others. That is why my dream job is to become a graphic designer; I want to have the power to heal, influence, bring awareness to my community and to the world.


Where do you see yourself in 5? 10? 15? years

In 5 years, I see myself graduated from college starting to work at a company as a graphic designer. My goal is to start working for a big company, I prefer to work for a gaming company like Rockstar Games, Activision, Epic Games, EA or Ubisoft. Those are companies that I admire because they have made games that I have played throughout my childhood and teenage years. In 10 years I see myself stable, with a good job that pays me well enough for me to save money and start my own design company. In 15 years, I see myself as the owner of a marketing company or design company. I want to own a company one that will provide a future for my family. I want to inspire other young designers to chase their dream and contribute to their communities as I hope to do.

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