Project #2

Alice Garcia

Alice Garcia is a Mexican-American college student that is currently studying in New York City College Of Technology. She is the oldest of one sister and younger of 4 older brothers. No one expected Alice to follow into the art of drawing since her parents expected to be a doctor, lawyer, or a teacher. Even so she likes to take pictures of views and gather ideas by what’s in her surrounding to create a new way of seeing things and see the bigger meaning or even to see the smallest details. Alice is current studying in the major of communication design (COMMD) and is wanting to see the hidden talents that she is expanding on.


The avatar that I chose is an actual picture of me that I took on snapchat which is not from too long ago probably like 3 weeks. The reason I picked this picture as my avatar is because I want to show others my real appearance as an actual person and also what there is for others to describe of me. I wear glasses since probably middle school and even then you would probably believe that I’m smart too. In the avatar, I don’t smile like that either in pictures but I can be sometimes. I also always carry a necklace with my first name initial. I don’t like having my hair long so I keep it short around shoulder length. The one thing I like to do is play around with adding filters to my pictures like the one on my avatar to look more creative and look nice when I  edit it.Question #1- what catches your eye when looking at other people’s work?

When I look at someone’s work I look at the creativity that was created or search for the differences between everyone else’s work and also mine. If it looks really cool or very detailed I’ll like to say “Hey, that’s very good work you did there.” Or “I like what you did to make it look very good.” or “It’s very presentable without making it seem like you ever did so many drafts to get this as a final result.” The final results are the overall of the hard work,developing and planning what to do by start to finish for that specific assignment or homework. But mainly I look to see if there was really effort being given especially if you see like prints on the work because that says a lot like they was poorly done or if it wasn’t put away somewhere save to protect the work without it ending up being all wrinkled up.

Question #2- What is the schoolwork like in your coursework?

There is a lot to keep checking in case of there being a homework, a project being due at a certain day or of a week. Sometimes, it maybe a lot or not bu,it is college it’s no longer like high school where you will be told things to do. The class work can be easy yet, a bit troubling especially with a drawing… even if someone is just learning the art of drawing no professor expects a alumni to draw at high standard but it just means that not everything is easy at first. It takes time to be able to do this and that without struggling on measuring certain spaces on the paper of the work piece. There are a lot of standards that professors have on us to be able to do and be responsible for our own things and be well prepare with certain necessary items for the next class.

Question #3- What is your motivation (eg creative expression) in graphic design?

My motivation in graphic design is to learn more of what’s there to get out  and develop from it. I have created certain things like creating logos or learned the ways with photography or how to use the photoshop programs to develop new creations. I believe that what I’m learning right now is helping me improve with new experience on how there is many ways to present or demonstrate within my projects or homeworks, by following the guidelines, suggestions, and other opinions of other classmates. I use everything I have learned so far from the beginning of this semester and from high school. I want to improve with gaining so much skills that are or will be beyond what I had started with. I see other classmates determined to reach their own goals and I want to follow that path and believe truly that I can successfully make it happen if I work very hard to really be someone in the future.

Question #4- What job do you desire after this?

I want to be a graphic designer, although at first I thought about following into the advertisement path but then I thought I have done more of the graphic design things like logos and usage of other programs. But there is a part of me that maybe thinks that I really want to keep persuading this area of work, and also I’m trying to expand my knowledge on the course. So I can be utile on other fragments of work. If my knowledge can be use for the greater good I am pleased. So I am looking forward to being a graphics designer, to better help the media understand what the purpose I am trying to imply of the product or slowly unveil the meanings. mostly a job in business corporations.

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