Project # 2

What is your motivation in design/to be a design student?

The thing about  design that makes me me motivated is the freedom and creativity that I gain to do things that I love. I want to be apart of something bigger than I am. I want to make a difference and a change in this world so that I am remembered. I love using my imagination to bring things to life and I want to expand on it in a million ways such like acting, fashion, and web design. I find it so amazing that I can be who I want to be, when, how, I like. 

What catches your eye when looking at other people’s work?

When I look at other people work I focus on detailing. It is very important in this major that u have the skill to show balance, composition, use of light, and shading. Good art is about how the artist makes viewer’s eyes move throughout the piece, it’s about the message, or what the artist is trying to communicate, to convey that make your piece important and stand out from the others. I like to see clearness and varying, these are the two most important ones to me.

Can you see yourself doing anything else?

Other than Communications Design, I can honestly see myself doing a lot of other things at this point in my life. Growing up acting was the biggest thing in my life and it was something that I found happiness in. I also love to do hair and cosmetology, I have experience working with clients and giving them the best treatment available. Lastly, I can see myself traveling the world and doing YouTube and taking the social media business seriously as another side hustle. 

What is the schoolwork like in your coursework?

In my coursework, my schoolwork varies. I have 2 Computers classes, 2 Drawing Art classes, and 1 English class (that help with the communication side of things). I am a full time student that has a full time job that find time here and there to either drawing cities or other structures for my foundation drawing class, that need to be presented every Wednesday’s at 8 am. But also still scrape up time to sit at a computer and a compose a piece fulled with other images to create a single piece that needs to be added to a billboard or train station ad on Tuesday’s at 8 am. Each week it is different from the last. Every week I learn a new thing in Type and Media, and also every class in Graphic Design I find a better way to create art that catches the audience’s eyes.

In this major Creativity and Inspiration are the only tools we need to get our homework done every week. There is no wrong or right answer to art, it is just what u make it. 




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  1. I like the concept you have going on with your interview especially the things you look for in other people’s work. But I think you should have more pictures.

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