Project #1


This is My Mind Map and it is very special. It contains a vary of things that I like such as entertainment, things that I am curious about like world, and lastly things that interest me physically and mentally.My mind Map



I took three objects that I found interesting from my mind maps and I sketch them out into both stable and ambiguous figures. The airplane on the left represent me traveling and seeing the world. I was born in Guyana in South America so traveling around the world is something my family and I do often. The Second image in my refine drawing is a Stage Light. I relate to this image because growing up I went to a preforming art middle school took many lessons and spend many years perfecting my acting. The last image on the right side of the page is the sun and birds. I drew this because I am a very busy person and I never really get the time to sit and enjoy the simple and small things around me so nature is very important.Me refine drawingDevelop:

This is my final piece and I absolutely love it. I came a long way from my refine drawing and I am happy with the changes I made. I notice while inking that my hand got shaky and I found it quite difficult to fill in the shapes with the Big Brush pen. 

My Curious ArtifactsDeliver:

Overall this project, taught me a lot. There are many parts in this project where I struggled but know that throughout I shown lots of improvement. I ended up having to replace one image due to the shaping and coloring of it. But I am happier with the out come.

3 thoughts on “Project #1”

  1. I love the airplane diving down! I used to struggle with inking as well. It’s hard to have a steady hand but the trick is to take your time. The slower you go the more control you will have with the brush/pen. Looks amazing though!!

  2. I like the way how you clearly distinguished between both the stable & ambiguous figure grounds! As well as how precise the images look. Inking for me was a bit of a challenge as well cause I’ve never done it but good work!

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