Project #2

My avatar is actually a piece I created on adobe photoshop. One day I was just bored, scrolling through my Instagram feed, and saw three words that stood out to me, β€œReal eyes, Realize, Real lies”. Once I saw those words, an immediate thought was, how can I make those three words look visually appealing. First off I wanted to make those words stand out, and I wanted there to be more warm colors than cool. I wanted to create an illusion by trying to make the words appear through the paper, as if the colors of the words were blending in with the background. I believe I have a keen eye to detail, and it shows it in my avatar. My avatar correctly describes be as a designer, with a keen eye, and with a lot of creativity, wanting to turn nothing into something.

1 thought on “Project #2”

  1. I’m glad you’re using an image you made for your avatar–that’s a great way to showcase your own work. When I look at it in the small image that shows up when you write a post, it looks different than when I see it larger. Most importantly, I can’t read the words unless I go to your profile and see your avatar in a full-size version. What kind of impact does your avatar have when it’s in a thumbnail version vs. full-size?

    You’ll need to describe the avatar in much more detail. What does the background look like? What does the quotation look like? font, materials, colors, patterns, shapes, depth, light, etc, are all aspects of the image you’ll want to describe.

    In terms of color, you have much more cool than warm–lots of blues and greens in the foreground.

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