Curious Artifacts


My mind map consists of areas that interest me, places I’ve visited, and words that help to further describe and expand on these topics.

My Mind Map







These were the first items to pop into my head when I thought about my three main areas. The first is a snow globe to represent exploration/travel, the second is a pair of gold bangles that I’ve had since I was a baby to represent fashion, and the third is a paintbrush to represent design (creativity, art, self-expression, etc.)

Thumbnail Sketches







Inked Compositions


Personally, I found that making sure everything was symmetrical and suited according to the right measurements to be the trickiest part of this project. Additionally, my hands are a bit shaky so certain things were a little challenging for me to keep precise. If I were to alter one thing, it would be to invert the colors in my ambiguous drawings to make them appear more puzzling. Although my inked compositions certainly aren’t my best work nor ideal to my standards, hopefully my next piece will be much more improved.


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  1. Hello, Im not sure if you have inked before or if this is your first time but you did a great job at it! Seems like you really took your time and made sure your work came out nice & clean. I also really admire how each item you chose for curiosity has like a deeper meaning/ connection towards you! Great work!

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