Project #2 introduction

My avatar is a baby picture of me.  This baby picture is after one of my birthday. I don’t remember which one it was either after my first or after my second.  In this picture I am wearing an old white dress  and an all white hat.  The hat I am wearing is so big that it is covering all of my hair. There is a red background behind me with white polkadots. This picture appears that I’m very happy smiling with only like six teeth in my mouth, four on top and two on the bottom. 

1 thought on “Project #2 introduction”

  1. You describe the details in the photograph, but I wonder what else you can include. When you say “old white dress” I think of something dingy, not of something special. What do you want to convey with the word old?

    Think also about the ways that you might describe the photograph itself. It’s not a digital photo. What are the colors like? How much background can we see? Using the term close-up might be helpful.

    What impact do you want this avatar to have? Does it deliver on that? The image will need to stand for itself, without your explanation. What do you think someone who is looking to get to know your work will think when seeing that avatar?

    I’m going to guess if you had just six teeth that you were one, not two.

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