My project #2

My avatar is based on a lime green background that says “keep it SIMPLE”. The fonts used was Helvetica for “keep it” that is then colored white.Then “SIMPLE” is an outline in white and copied again in a dark toned green which are then layered on top  of each other. “keep it” is positioned on top of  the”SIMPLE”. All together the texts was placed in the center and “SIMPLE” was enlarged to give the image a very minimalist yet creative design. Which I think represents economy and unity as well as  stable figure-ground. Ultimately I think this avatar represents me because I tend to enjoy the simple things in life. I also try to live my life to the motto”keep it simple” I think the most memorable things in design and life are the simplest ones.

1 thought on “My project #2”

  1. The connection across the words in your avatar, their design, and your interest in simplicity is clear. But does the avatar have impact? What is it doing for you? If someone were choosing a designer for a project based not on their portfolio but on the avatar or logo the designer used to identify themselves, would this image speak for you? What if you designed your own “keep it simple” and didn’t have to start from someone else’s design choices?

    A couple of corrections: do a quick Google search for lime green and for Helvetica. These are not the correct labels for the color of the background or the font of the “keep it” type.

    Some other aspects of the simple avatar you might describe: where is the text in the square? how is it justified? Are the fonts serif or sans serif? Is the avatar the simplest it could be–or are there features that stylize the image?

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