Curious Artifacts


When I was making my mind map, I thought of all the things that I love and enjoy doing, whether it was physical or not. 

Making a Mind Map by Danny Zhao


I took three objects I had came up with which was my headphones, my speakers, and my keyboard. I proceeded to sketch them out in both stable and ambiguous.

Sketch+Iterate by Danny Zhao


Inked Compositions by Danny Zhao


Throughout the whole process of this project, I learned to draw with creativity and how random idea that comes up in my mind can be shown on a piece of art. I also had some really good constructive criticism from my fellow peers. I could have improved by switching the white space in my inkings to make it more ambiguous. In my next project, I can implement what I learned about white space and fix the mistakes such as accidental line marks to make my piece better. 

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