Homework following class on 9/19

As you continue working on the drafts of your interviews, spend time working on the question about your avatar: What is your avatar, and how does it represent you as a first-year design student?

To answer this question, review the three readings about avatars, and our class notes about the readings. Make sure you have an avatar and that itΒ  meets the criteria in the readings and from our discussion and really does represent you.

A few things to keep in mind as you work:

Your avatar does not need to include an image of you!

This is a small square of visual information that you’re sharing with everyone. What can you include that takes advantage of that opportunity?

When you answer the first part of the question, “what is your avatar,” answer it in great detail. Imagine you’re explaining it for someone who can’t see it. Be that specific and careful as you write about it.

You can use images throughout Project #2, like the readings we encountered from the AIGA Eye on Design site. But your avatar is the only image you’re required to include. Think about how it represents all the aspects of yourself you’re writing about in the interview–if it doesn’t, either justify it in your writing, or choose a better fitting avatar.

You can add your response as a comment here.

Be sure to review the Nancy Sommers reading about revision–we’ll make a plan for our revisions in class on Tuesday.

Feel free to ask any questions here! Also, please comment back to at least two classmates to give them feedback about their answers or their avatar.

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