Curious Artifacts


Mind Map.

These are all the words that popped into my head when I heard the word Curiosity. From the keywords in the boxes, more words began to branch out and I connected them to other words within the Mind Map.


Thumbnail Sketches.

The Sketches on the left side represents my bonds with friends, it is supposed to be an alpaca toy that one of my friends gave to me for Christmas. The Middle Sketches represents my creativity which I portrayed with a rock that I found and decided to crave into to create something new. The Right Sketches represents how music is my goto for when I really need to think.


Finalized Composition
Revised Final Composition


The hardest part of doing this project would probably have to be setting up the measurements specifically. After setting it up, the drawings and filling in the spaces that needed to be filled were easier. I enjoyed the process of creating both stable and ambiguous figures. In the future, if I were to do this again I would plan what I’d be making my figures better since the figures on the right side were thought about last minute and felt a bit rushed to me.


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