COMD Reminder for Monday

Great work on COMD 1100 Project 1! Please come to class prepared to work on Project #2. Check the class site to see what’s due and which materials are needed for class.

Homework Due

  1. Project #1 Deliver: Update the written reflection in your Curious Artifacts post to include feedback from the critique.
    • If you haven’t already, leave at least one comment on a fellow classmates’ Curious Artifacts post. Review Providing Feedback for guidelines.
    • Important: You will receive your grade via a private comment on your post. Make sure your work is submitted correctly.
  2. Take the Project #1 Quiz.
  3. Complete the Thumbnail Pattern Squares exercise while listening to your favorite piece of music.
  4. Visual Library: Post an image that best represents your favorite piece of music or song. Include the artist/composer, song title, and a link, if possible, to your favorite piece of music or song.

Materials needed

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