Curious Artifacts

(By:Elijah Castra) 

Discover: This is where it all started. When tasked with this I created the mind map, as did everyone else, started with the word “curiosity” and seen where that led me to. Ultimately after doing so the 3 main things that
stood out to me were the brain/ the mind, money and clothing (there were more but I picked these 3. And I then went on to make thumbnail sketches.

Define: Now moving on to the thumbnail sketches. These sketches were a little bit difficult to come up with because originally I just made random things. But I didn’t know we had to be specific on an object and not more generalized so the first picture (below) is the first iteration of my drawing thumbnail sketches and the 2nd picture (below) is the more refined sketches/ the ones I used for the final product.

Develop: Now moving on to the final product which was turning the sketches into actual clean & finished drawings then using inking pens to finish them. This was a challenge because I had never used inking pens before. So some of my drawings look a little bit awkward I guess you could say in terms of the shading. And one of my final drawing was supposed to look like a shirt but I forgot to add something so it looks like an arrow (top right box shown in picture below) but other than that I thought it was a pretty cool and interesting project.

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