Project 2-kami

Q: what catches your eye when looking at other people’s work?

A:Usually what catches my eye is the colors and style of the design. Like if they match, if the colors compliment each other, what is the message that said design is trying to get across.

Q: do you prefer working by yourself or in a group environment?

A: I prefer to work alone. More often than not, other people tend to slow me down and distract me.

Q: do you think your background affects your design?

A: Yes. I think background sets the mood of the entire picture. It can mean the difference between something being warm, bright, and kid-friendly or dark, violent, and meant for adults.

Q: what are some things you like to design?

A: It really depends on if your talking about a computer or a drawing. In my sketchbook, I draw cartoon characters like Sonic the Hedgehog and Spider-man. I also sketch things I find on Pinterest if they catch my eye. There are also some fantasized drawings of myself scattered around. On my computer I use photoshop to customize the Alien Head used for Dell’s Alienware franchise. I have a collection of them from over the years I spent making them.

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