My Curious Artifacts

This is my mind map. It consists of different things I was curious about at the time. I allowed myself to jot down whatever was on my mind and expand them a little.

I know my sketches are more on the rougher side, but that’s what I prefer. It helps me decide what I want to change when it comes to the final product. As for some of them not being on the mind map, I think they would be much more interesting to illustrate.

Last, but not least, my final product. I love to travel, having been to three countries outside of the United States. However, I would love to travel to even more countries and see what they’re like in person. Learning different languages will allow me to get to know about other cultures and traditions.

The water bearer represents my sign, and I wonder who came up with the concept of zodiac signs and astrology.

The devil with the pitchfork comes from my thoughts on hell. What does it look like? Does the devil really live there?

The two faces with music represents my curiosity of how music alters your mood. Music can bring you happiness, but it can also do the opposite. How?

Lastly, I wanted to know if love at first sight is real or not. I want to know if it’s possible in real life, not just in movies.


While doing this project, I learned how difficult it is to be extremely precise with your work, especially while doing the boxes. It’s something that requires a lot of time and practice. However, I think I did a pretty good job for a first try so I can’t complain.

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