Curious Artifacts ~


This is where it all started from. As I was creating this mindmap I thought of everything I love and enjoy doing. These are the words that popped in my head immediately when thinking about the things that drives me to curiously. I’m basically curious about many things.Β 

3 things that are important to me is Bubble Tea, Pencil and Sushiβ™‘
My last and final sketch ☺︎ // Bubble Tea because I’m Asian, a pencil because I like to doodle, sushi because it’s my favorite food!

Things I learned while doing this project was that I am curious about many things.

I also learned the boxes we’re really difficult to draw, somehow I managed it.

I could’ve drawn more other sketches even though I do like the drawings I drew however, I can draw more varieties of the objects in a different way. In my next project, I will definitely draw more sketches and I will draw the boxes correctly since it took me half the class time to draw those 6 boxes.

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  1. Whoa! Your inking is really neat!! The last one is definitely my favorite too. I love sushi and the way you outline the rice makes it feel really fluffy. Keep up the good work!!

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