4th question and answer

Can you see yourself doing anything else?

Well if I’m being honest yes doing graphic design and game designing/developing and one of the many studios/companies that brought me many games that I know and love today. But another dream I have that I’d love to pursue either equally or slightly more would be becoming a full time YouTuber/ Streamer. Yes, as silly as it may sound to some that’s something I would love to do and always have. On my stream could be me playing games solo, or w/ friends, the viewers or even drawing. And YouTube I would love to create content. Whether that be tutorials in games I’m really good at, just my best game plays, traveling around the world trying different things, vlogs w/ my friends etc… that’s one dream I’m still trying to pursue at the same time because it’s something I enjoy doing. And I’ve already have some start in this path as well.

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