Project #2 First Draft

Q1: Can you see yourself doing anything else?

I can see myself doing something else that has to do with animals and taking care of them. I always was fascinated by animals and how they lived in natural with other animals. As a kid growing up I was around many animals like horses, chickens, cows, and swans. My family from my father’s side owns a lot of animals and farms with a lot of open. Every time I went to visit colombia it was always a different experience with all the different things that I got to do. I always liked watching shows like national geographic and animal planet because of the interesting stories and information on the animals. I would consider becoming a vet fro animals of a more exotic background. This type of job I would also be happy doing and would love a job taking care of animals and saving there lives so that they would live another day.

Q2:- What is the class that draws your attention?

The class that draws my attention is modern art history because I ended up learning a lot about paintings and artists. The most interesting things I’ve learned in that class how have to be the like different types of modern art become of era and culture. Non-western and African were more in tune with their sense of nature in there painting with more earthy colors. When my first day of the history class I wasn’t sure that I wanted to study about painting because I thought it was only about the history and background of the era. That is, until I got more into the idea of why the painter paint what he painted. Because a great painter like monet and Matisse like to paint expressionist style of art. This left me with a good feeling that I was going to like this class and how it already made me feel like I also had my own way of artistry like other great artists.

Q3: Why did you choose COMD as your major?

I chose to be a COMD major because of my love for art and using it to make others happy. As a kid I was always a person who liked to draw and every since I want to be and illustrator because of my love for animations and comic books. I always like to create my own comic books and like to show my friends a new story every time because it brings me joy. I this field I want to be hands on with animals protection and to save animals from becoming extinct. This ties in with my love with animals because I want to be and artist that helps a cause for it become more helpful and have more of an impact on society. I today’s world see the world problems like an everyday new becomes something things happening don’t affect us. So this is why I want to become a COMD major to make a difference in the world we live in 

Q4: Where do you see yourself in 5? 10? 15? years

I see myself in the next five years hopefully finished college and found a job to start working at. I hope with the next year I start to learn new things and become a better person. I want to focus on my future so that I have a wonderful life ahead. In the next ten years I hope that I can start my clothing company based on saving animals and to stop the killing of animals. This is the main focus that I want to achieve which is to have a good company that can soon grow and become a new way of vision for a brighter future for the animals. Wow in fifteen years I hope that I have a good life with a nice family two kids and enjoying every moment together. Family is everything to me and what I see myself focus more on when I get older. I hope that in those years my business becomes successful and make a real difference in the world.



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