Quandary (noun)

  • a state of perplexity or doubt

“Quandary.” Merriam-Webster Dictionary. m-w.com.

In “Nontsikelelo Mutiti on Interrogating the Euro-centric Design Canon”, Nontsikelelo Mutiti is quoted saying:

“There’s now a substitution which attempts to start bringing in some work – such as from Mexican cultures – but I still wonder, what kind of work has to be done? It’s a quandary that I’m trying to grapple with now. I’m making those points using ideas on hair braiding, thinking through them, thinking about even that visual form as writing, as meaning making, and thinking about how that relates to typography, or pattern, all of those things.”

What Mutiti is trying to get across is, that we have to ask the confusion questions and to see how we can take concepts further beyond what we think we know. She talks about how she’s attempting to bring in some work into the current canon of graphic design by using ideas on hair braiding and even thinking about how things relate to patterns.

Understanding this word helps us to understand the complexity of an obstacle in design, so that we may be able to figure the different ways to overcome said obstacle.

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