Emily Gosling, “Today’s Design Grads Are More Woke Than Ever—and It’s Looking Great.”

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34 thoughts on “Emily Gosling, “Today’s Design Grads Are More Woke Than Ever—and It’s Looking Great.””

  1. Question: To what extent do you think the projects Emily Gosling writes about in this article are examples of the kind of collaboration Ellen Lupton writes about in “Why Collaborate”?

    1. Emily Gosling speaks upon a group she is interested which is a group for girls to relax, create, and design together, basically a space to collaborate. A social group to come together especially in design as Emily Gosling touches upon in this article with these groups of girls coming together and forming this group.

    2. Emily Gosling writes about having a place where girls can bring their ideas and turning it into something amazing, by using the power of teamwork. Sometimes one project can really wither a person down but by working in a group and everybody plays a different part and is on the same page.

    3. In the essay “Why Collaborate”, Ellen Lupton states “successful collaborations are like democracy writ small”. An example of this was made in “Emily Gosling, “Today’s Design Grads Are More Woke Than Ever—and It’s Looking Great” when she talks about a group of women that discuss women and gender-related issues and bring the issues to the world in the form of design.

    4. Why do you think that creative groups like this have such a positive impact on those within it? Do you think that we should have more variety’s of groups like this, aimed to help people collaborate and share ideas with one another?

  2. Question: Do you think there is, will be, or should be a collaborative group the same way there is for these women, but instead, dedicated to men? Why is this group only for women?

    1. I believe there should be a group dedicated to men just as women have these groups because I know as a male its sometimes hard to share and open up and to talk about your problems. Plus on a creative stand point, its easier to bounce ideas back and forth.

    2. Why can’t it be for both men and women? I think It would be good if there was a group just like the one Emily Gosling speaks about where men and women shared ideas.

    3. I believe there should be collaborative groups like this for men as well , as @joshihiralall said “it’s sometimes hard to share and open up for men” so it’ll benefit them and give them the opportunity to speak up and spark up new conversations .

    4. I believe groups like this should not have genders on them because what if some one is gender fluent or they don’t identify as any gender, it excludes them from groups like this and it’s not fair especially if they have great ideas to contribute to the cause.

    5. In my opinion, I believe this group should be for BOTH genders, both female and male.

      I highly agree with what @joshihiralall said: “there should be a group dedicated to men just as women”. In the year 1972, the Senate passed down the Equal Rights Amendment in Constitution which gives both men and women are equal rights.

      I also agree with what @destiny has mentioned earlier, it is unethical to men because they can/might have better ideas than what women can come up with.

    1. Not necessarily, but in my opinion, I think it’s better when you share your ideas with a group that has built a good environment. I also think that it is better to share ideas with a group because diversity creates innovation.

    2. at times it may work based upon if you have no other connection with other people or group. However there is no need to join a club to communicate ideas or problems

    3. I think joining a club or environment where we can communicate ideas and problems can be beneficial. I don’t believe its necessary however, because we are creators that use alternative methods to send a message. Sometimes an individual idea could be more effect and resonate better then as a collective group idea.

    4. One does not necessarily have to join a club to communicate ideas or problems to reach a connection because everyone’s thought process is different. It is beneficial though to be in a club where everyone has a different viewpoint in something to be able to open up people to solve problems or just share ideas in general.

    5. In my opinion no. If they have a really good platform already they can get their point across without it touching just one group in particular, but pitching your idea to a group before taking it possibly global is a good idea just to get feedback on what’s possibly missing or needs to be taken out.

    6. It isn’t a necessity to join a club to communicate ideas or problems, but I feel like it should be necessary to communicate with people who has a variety of viewpoints to both expand one’s understanding of a subject as well as show the different ways to tackle a problem.

    7. It doesn’t seem neccessary to always join a club because some ideas maybe turned down. But what isn’t a bad idea,is to convince others, female and more males to stand up to see how we can overcome and what can we learn from this. And why is it necessary, to raise awareness to the community.

    8. You don’t need to necessarily join a club to communicate ideas or problems you can simply share your thoughts or passion by posting on social media, spreading the word by mouth, or by creating a event where people can visit and learn more about your cause.

  3. Do you agree with the statement made in the article that said all designers have the responsibility to make art that has depth and a societal impact? Why or why not?

    1. I agree with the statement made in the article because I believe as designers we carry a message in every design we create intentional or not. I think our love for creating and designing can be used as a platform or message that can empower as well as create awareness.

    2. i agree , because as a designer , they create art just not for the color or composition. at the end of every piece produced , a message, a story, or symbol will always come about.

    3. I agree with the statement that it is their responsibility because as designers, impacting society and creating a piece of art that has deep meaning is beneficial to others and others can learn through the creation of such art. Even if the piece of work is not intentional, it shows others the reason why you created it, such as finding joy, or to get your mind off something etc.

    4. I agree that designers have the responsibility to make art that has depth and a societal impact. I feel that at the core of art itself has depth no matter how simple. Even the smallest detail of a piece has an entire story behind it, everything we experience has a depth to it. For designers who practically dedicate their lives to creating, they have a job to inform others about a variety of topics and the ability to make a change for the better.

    5. i do agree with that statements because every designers should have impacts on society and others forms of visual depictions that impact lives. Designers should make ads that impact the way adults and children view what there out out there. it is important at it has a detail and great illustration that makes the person really think about the cause of issue that many people face

    1. I believe it means creating a project that means something to her and wanting to learn more about it. Not only that but to inform everyone else that knows very little or nothing about the topic.

  4. What are the benefits of the project “Home Babies–The Lost Children of Tuam?” What would the Reader get out of this ?

  5. my question is should graphic designers hold a certain standard when it comes working with others because everyone has different work ethic and should. In life not everyone works at the same pace as others would.

  6. Art is what you make it. Art is something that you create to, not only show your point of view but also is there to impact others with the amazing ability that you have to not only change there lives but open them to a new experiences.
    With designers like Kayley Kemple, who is a person that is only do project that are dear to their heart, you can really see the passion and effort in their work that makes it one of a kind and impressive.

    My only question that I have for her is how does she balance educating her self on various topics that she is interest in with out getting confused or overwhelmed? I too struggle with this.

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