Class 2 8/29

three important take-aways from our first commenting assignment:

  1. it’s great to respond to each other
  2. we can write more–and should get a sense of how long our text is
  3. we can enhance our comments using links, media, etc, and adding @ mentions

Working on our first glossary entries:

  • choose a word you want to add to the glossary, using our course documents (syllabus, grading guidelines, learning outcomes, course site) as the sources for that word
  • examples: curator, plagiarism, ramifications, prerequisite, syntax, eurocentric, conventional, cross-sensory, consensus, contemporary, exigencies, adequate, typographical, critical, metacognitive, writ, synthesizing, arbitrary, inclusivity, juxtapositions
  • define it
  • now put that passage in your own words

1 thought on “Class 2 8/29”

  1. Zine noun

    -A noncommercial often homemade or online publication usually devoted to specialized and often unconventional subject matter

    “Today’s Design grads are more woke than ever-and it’s looking great” words by: Emily Gosling
    1st paragraph, line 4

    “She’s just graduated with her BA at TU, Dublin school of Creative Arts and scooped the best Visual Communication student award; but she’s also just got chicken pox (naturally,she mocked up a zine about it.)”

    The author explains that the artist made a small magazine teasing her condition (the chicken pox)

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