Introducing ourselves

Although we introduced ourselves in class briefly, and we’ll introduce ourselves more formally in Project #2, please write introduce yourself here in a comment as a way to help us get to know each other better. Aim to write 250-300 words. This is your chance to say all the things you didn’t get to say in class, or to say again all the things you crafted and said brilliantly. You might add what your academic interests are, what the highlight of  your high school experience was, what you hope to find at City Tech, etc.

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Check back again and reply to at least 3 of your classmates, asking questions or letting them know about shared interests.

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    1. Hey my name is Samson Charles, I’m 18 and I’m from Brooklyn. I like to draw on free time or create art, I play only a select few of video games such as NBA 2k, Madden NFL, GTA, etc… on my Xbox. I also like to watch movies when I’m not gaming or creating art, I prefer more scary movies, the last movie I watched was actually, “Here Comes Anabelle”, I would recommend that movie to anybody who loves a horror franchise. The love I have for art is unmatched to anything else, so that’s why I chose to major in Communication Design.

        1. The thing I like the most about horror is how it always keeps me on edge, anticipating what’s to come. Not every movie gets my attention like that. I wouldn’t necessarily say that the horror genre influenced the type of art I love, but I’ll say it’s part of it.

        1. Nope, I actually never watched anime, I just don’t like it. I like to create raw characters I would see on a cartoon I remember, or on a video game character, like Franklin from GTA V.

    2. Hello, my name is Cristian Liberato, and I come from the Bronx. it usually takes me 45-60 mins to get here from home without any delays. I was born and raised here, in the cold, I hate the heat. Since I was small I’ve been drawing and coloring things to my heart’s content. I went to Alfred E. Smith CTE high school, to begin my path to doing graphic design as a career. City tech will allow me to keep building on the blocks that made up the foundation. If I were to have a superpower, it would be sleeping because I can never have a good night rest when I need too. I hope in my 4 years in City tech I make friends, and also make connections, learn more skills in graphic design. I want to be in training to be a teacher in graphic design during my time here.

      1. hey Cristian ! I think that superpower fits me too I tend to sleep a lot and I sometimes oversleep :/

      2. Welcome, Cristian!

        What do you like to draw and color? What kind of materials do you use? If you aren’t taking Drawing 1 this semester, I hope you’ll plan to next semester!

        PS sleep is so important, so I hope you can find that superpower. Maybe you need the ability to freeze time instead to fit in time to sleep, or study while sleeping to get both done at the same time!

      3. Hey Cristian, I am also very interested in becoming a teacher I think that’s pretty cool! I want to give the younger generations a positive platform and example. I am glad I am not the only one,City tech will definitely help us achieve that goal.

    3. Hey guys, this is Alice Garcia. I’m 18 and I live in Manhattan. I like to watch anime or sometimes I’ll do like some small drawings on paper, I’m not so good at it myself but I try to make it look nice,I have also done some letter bubbles on my name which I have been trying to do something new. I do love to play soccer since it is a sport where there’s a lot to expect, to be part of a new community and meet others to do collaboration and be one as a team. I have met many friends in my soccer team of a program I attend called America scores, at first I thought this was like a new way for me to become closer with others, which it really was. Back then I was really a quiet kid myself but I did good for join. There’s a lot of great memories that I have with me even now that I’ll have 4 years of college ahead of me. I’ll always have soccer with me to distract me from having too much stress that I’ll probably get from college. Since the first day of college I wasn’t much of a speaker to be honest,when it came to meeting new people around my age especially since this is a new path in college.I hope everyone the best of luck this semester, we all got this!

  1. Hi my name is Destiny and this is me. I’m completely obsessed with anything related to Marvel Comics and the Disney Franchise. I have seen every Marvel movie ever made and have ever Disney stuffed animal you can imagine. It’s me and my older sister’s dream to visits every Disney park and go on every Disney cruise before we die. So far we have does two cruises and one park. I love photography. Photography is a part of who I am because it helps people see the world through my eyes, and when people see the world through my eyes they get a better understanding of who I am. I chose to use an image of a camera to represent photography because when I look through the lens of the camera something just comes over me and I feel free. But my family is the most important thing to me. Without them I would be nowhere. Their love and support got me to where I am now they are my rock and my foundation, and without them I would be nothing and have nothing. My culture also makes up who I am because it reminds me of what I am and where my family comes from. As I said in class today cultures are African American Jamaican and Trinidadian. I love wearing dashiki to represent Africa because in my family that is what the men wear to celebrate our family history, but I also love waving my flag at carnival to represent my West Indian side to show I’m proud of who I am.

    1. Hey Destiny, I’m also a big fan of Disney. My all-time favorite Disney movie would have to be Lilo and Stitch, I can watch it anytime and still feel like it’s the first time I’ve ever seen it.

    2. Welcome, Destiny!

      Is photography your favorite medium for artistic expression? I’m guessing you’re excited to take Photography 1 soon. Some of your classmates also expressed interest in photography–I hope you can connect with them about this shared interest.

      Do you find artistic inspiration from the Marvel or Disney films? Or from the colorful dashiki you and your family members wear?

  2. My name is Ken, and yeah, like the barbie doll Ken, I know, I’ve heard it a thousand times. I’m a hip-hop/ RnB artist coming from The Bronx. I’ve been centered around art in all forms for years and have been doing music for 5 years now, and hope to expand my creativity while here at City Tech. I want to reach new levels of imagination and design in all forms along with my creativity with music, acting, drawing, and design. I’m 18, born July 22 so that makes me either a Leo or Cancer I guess. Or… both?… I don’t know much or pay attention to signs. Anyway, if we’re to have any superpower, I would say I would have the power of super speed. Going wherever I want, whenever I want, in the speed of light or even faster. Also with super speed comes the power of time travel and going through solid object so its a pretty cool choice for power. I hope in City Tech to find success and connections with people that will help me make it big in the long run. I want to have amazing grades and make connections with teachers and be the best person I can be while growing socially and personally. I want to become an innovative creative, person that can change the world with my art, passion, and music.

    1. Hello Ken! I admire the time and dedication you have put into music. I only started drawing digitally two years ago so I know how hard it is to stay consistent on one thing. I’d love to see what you create!

    2. Hey Ken, I once did have the joy and passion in creating music and writing lyrics, back when I was about 15. Unfortunately I fell in love with creating visual art as opposed to musical art, I’m just glad that you find that everyday joy in creating something you’re so passionate about, just believe in yourself and keep working!

    3. Hey Ken, I’m so impressed that you have been doing music for so long. It turns out we like the same kind of music, maybe you can teach me a thing or two.

    4. Hey Ken, I would love to hear some of the music you have made before, maybe you can mix both art and musical skills.

    5. Hey ken,keep it going your doing great! As a musician myself I know its not easy staying focused.I think you have a really great attitude and personality that I know will take you far. Maybe we can jam some day… or even collab. I think it would be a really cool experience.Oh, if you were wondering I play multiple instruments guitar,bass,drums(most percussion instruments) but I would say piano would be my instrument of choice I’ve been playing professionally for a couple years now. Oh and your a Leo..I checked.

  3. Hi, my name is Danny Zhao. I currently live in Staten Island mostly but sometimes in my apartment in Manhattan. I would take the Staten Island Ferry and then the train to get to school. The major that I chose was Communication Design. My major used to be Computer Science but I am not that good at math even though I am Asian, so I switched it up to Communication Design since I loved to draw. The high school that I went to was High School of Economics and Finance which was by the World Trade Center. The best part about my high school was creating a circle of friends that I still keep in touch with today and having a bond with them. My hobbies are skateboarding, drawing, and playing video games usually with friends. In City Tech, I hope to open myself up even more than I use to and create a new batch of close friends that I can rely on and have an enjoyable college experience with. My Zodiac Sign is a Libra. The one superpower that I would want is the ability to fly because NYC transportation takes too long to commute.

    1. Nice to meet you Danny! I also happen to be bad at math which is why I chose Communication Design. I also love to draw and play games in my spare time. What games do you play?

    2. Hey Danny, you seem like a super chill person, with a friendly attitude. I to absolutely love playing video games, I swear it’s one of the things I do when I’m not in the mood for anything. Lol I absolutely agree with NYC transportation, way too long!

    3. Hello Danny, I wanted to do computer science too but I was never good at math, so i ended up doing graphic design.

    4. Welcome, Danny!

      What do you love to draw, and with what tools? I hope you can make peace with math–there are aspects of math that can help you in drawing and design!

      Do you think if you had the superpower to fly you would still take the ferry? Even though it’s a slow 25 minute ride, sometimes it’s one of my favorite NY things to do.

      1. I draw mainly anime related stuff and I have a Wacom Intuos tablet for digital art. I would also love to take the ferry when I am not in a rush and to enjoy the view the ferry gives of the whole city

    5. Hey Danny! I can relate to NYC transportation…. I hate everything about it. we definitely share the same superpower. I would really love to fly because not only would it avoid me the trouble of the MTA. I really enjoy taking pictures of the sky I have a whole album dedicated to it on my phone its very relaxing and therapeutic to look at and take pictures of..its sort of a hobby.

    6. Nice to meet you danny! To be honest I had also picked computer science but then I also thought of all the math that would be involved and I was like “dam I’m not so confident anymore with math.” But I also do like to draw as well.

  4. My name is Kami Roberts. I am 18 years old and a freshman in college. My birthday is in early February which makes me an Aquarius. I like to play video games on my PS4, watch anime on my laptop, and post memes with snapchat on my phone. The most recent games I have played are SAO: Fatal Bullet and Need for Speed: Payback. The most recent anime shows I’ve watched are Naruto Shippuden and Fire Force. I also like to eat, run, and exercise and be active. My favorite food to eat is pizza. I don’t really know why it’s my favorite food, but I will eat it anytime, any day. In my old school I used to run on the Track and Field team. Ever since I graduated, I wanted to maintain the hard work and stamina I gained while training there so I began to look for ways to exercise on my own. I’m hoping to find some kind of track club to join. I love listening to music. It doesn’t matter what kind of music it is, if the song sounds good to me, I will listen to it. From famous artists that you know and love, to the more obscure ones that you may not hear about every day, R&B, EDM, Rock, Dubstep, Country, Hip-Hop, Gospel, Soca, J-Rock, I listen to it all. I was born in America, my parents immigrated here with their families when they were young kids. My father came from Guyana and my mother came from Haiti.

    1. Hello Kami, wow we have so much in common like the fact that both of our birthdays are in early February and that we like posting memes. Can’t wait to talk more and see what else we have in common this semester.

    2. Hello Kami, I see that you’re also a fan of anime! I’m also a fan of anime as well. My all-time favorite animes would be: Inuyasha, SAO, AOT, Toyoko Ghoul, One piece…etc

    3. Welcome, Kami!

      Have you ever run in Brooklyn Bridge Park along the East River? The New York Road Runners have an open run on Tuesday evenings starting from Pier 6, which is a short walk from City Tech. I don’t know what you would do with your stuff while you run, though.

      Or you could run down Cadman Plaza to where it becomes Old Fulton and find two of the best pizza places in the city, Juliana’s and Grimaldi’s. Neither sells by the slice, though.

      Do you want to share a starting-college meme with the class?

  5. Hello, my name is Cui Zhang. I used to live in Canal Street also known as China town years ago when I was 4. I currently live in Brooklyn. My zodiac sign is cancer which makes me 18 since cancer season ended already. As soon as I turned 18, one of my friends told me “QQ (my nickname) You’re finally legal”. So…I like to joke around with my friends saying I’m legal and they’re illegal because some of my friends they’re still 17. My hobbies are taking pictures, reading manga/comics, I also love watching anime and Chinese drama, I really love to game although I suck at it but, I still love to game. My favorite games would probably be League of Legends (even though I suck at it) and Elsword. I love to collect varieties of stickers even though I don’t use them at all but they’re really cute. Every day I’m being surrounded by children (my cousins). I love spending time with children because I get to teach/watch them grow up. You guys are probably thinking why my major isn’t education? My answer to that question would be I like to design and create new things instead of teaching since it’s too much work dealing with more than 20 children. For the most part, I like to draw and doodle random stuff. This is probably the reason why I chose Communication Design as my major. If I were to have a superpower I’ll probably choose the ability to be invisible or superhuman strength! This year, I’m really looking forward to being friends with my new people.

    1. Hello Cui, I used to play Elsword as well! It’s nice to see that people still play that game after so many years. I’d love to see your doodles someday!

    2. Welcome, Cui!

      You and @destiny should connect to talk about photography!

      Where do you draw inspiration for your drawing and doodling? Is it from the manga and the games you like?

      Making friends is so important in college, too–I hope this class sparks the start of many friendships.

    3. Nice to meet you cui. I hope we can be friends and we definitely have things in common like reading manga, watching anime and even to play games, am also not good at it but it’s fun to play either way, right?

  6. Hi, My name is Kyle Djemani, just a heads up the D in my last name is silent. You can call me Kye or Kyle, whichever you prefer. I live in Queens, so my commute is roughly about an hour or so depending on if the MTA wants to co-operate. I decided Communication Design was going to be my major since I enjoy art and finding new ways to creatively express myself. I am a Gemini, which means that I’m currently 18 years old, which honestly doesn’t feel all that different from being 17 aside from being legally an adult. Mostly in my free time, I can be found either on my computer playing Video Games or outside with friends as well as getting lost in the city from time to time. I usually find myself near the Hudson or East river, being near any body of water helps me to think clearly. While at CityTech, I hope to be able to make new friendships that will last beyond college as well as be the best Me both academically and socially. Also, if I were to choose any superpower it would be the power of Teleportation since it would allow me to go anywhere and see what the world has to offer. And be on time to classes when the MTA decides it wants to act up and be late.

    1. Hello Kyle, you live so far away…good luck on that! I’m also wondering what games do you like to play. Personally, I like to game also even though I suck at it.

    2. Hey Kyle I find it fascinating that bodies of what helps you think clearly I never heard anyone say that.
      P.S teleportation would also be my go to superpower ever since I saw nightcrawler from X-men

    3. Welcome, Kyle!

      I love that both you and @cuizhang mentioned wanting to make friends in college. This learning community can be a great place to make friends!

      Did you know that City Tech isn’t far from the water? You can head west to Brooklyn Heights and walk along the Brooklyn Heights Promenade or to Brooklyn Bridge Park, but you can also walk over the Brooklyn or Manhattan Bridge to walk above the water. Or down to DUMBO, or over near the Navy Yard. So many places to find water to inspire you!

      I like that your superpower has both grand and very mundane uses!

    4. Hello Kyle, I agree with you about how the MTA may or not cooperate with us, they always have something going on or its route changes….I was almost late to work because of the mta and I work in Brooklyn too.

  7. Hi, my name is Lenny, I’m 17 and I’m a Virgo. I am from the Dominican Republic, but I live in Brooklyn. I take the Q and the R train to get to City Tech, it usually takes me between 25-30 minutes to get to City Tech so it’s not that bad compared to other students. I chose communication design as my major because I’ve had a passion for graphic design since my sophomore year of high school at Midwood High School. I wanted to do computer science at first, but I knew that math would be a big problem if I chose to do computer science and I knew coding wasn’t for me. I love playing basketball, I usually play every Saturday. I am a big fan of the Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat and LeBron James. I also work out 3-4 times a week, I started working out 5 months ago and I feel like it’s a good way to improve physically and mentally. My favorite food is pizza, but I usually eat typical Dominican food. I love listening to R&B and Hip-Hop. My favorite artist is The Weeknd. In my spare time, I enjoy watching movies and shows or playing video games such as Call of Duty and NBA 2K. If I had a superpower it would be to be able to read people’s mind because I feel like I would be ahead of everybody. At City Tech, I hope to learn new skills and expand the ones that I already have. I also hope to make new friendships.

    1. Welcome, Lenny!

      You’re in good company with your love of pizza, too– @kamiopenlab also loves pizza, and I mentioned some good places near City Tech to find some top-rated pizza places.

      Do you find inspiration for design in your other interests and hobbies? Who knows, maybe you’ll learn you love coding as you further develop your skills in your major.

      And good point about forming friendships. @cuizhang and @kyeony also wrote that they’re interested in making friends at City Tech–seems like a good opportunity for all three of you to meet and bond over shared interests!

  8. Hi my name is Faith Gonzalez and I’m from Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I’ve lived in the same neighborhood my entire life which often gets tiring but I love to explore different parts of the city taking pictures with either my phone or a disposable camera. I have an eye for catching things people wouldn’t really think as cool and at the right moment. I also have a love for fashion and art along with photography, my dream job is to work for a magazine specifically Vogue as maybe the creative director or a photographer. Apart from taking pictures I like to take walks but only when its nice out and I love to eat, eating instantly makes me happy. Music also changes my mood especially the ones I can sing to even though I can’t sing. I’m an only child and I live with my mother who came to this country when she was 22 from the Dominican Republic, I was actually just there a week ago with her visiting family and friends. I love to travel and experience life in a different country and just seeing different scenery that’s not in New York. I love New York but the rest of the world is pretty too. My favorite place so far I’ve visited was Italy and I hope to go back to Europe soon, I think it’s important to see and experience different things outside of what you’re used to and I hope my college experience goes well.

    1. Hello Faith, I see that you also love taking pictures. I love taking pictures as well especially taking pictures of children, places, and skies. I hope one day you will accomplish your dream job. Never give up! I also love listening to music but I can’t sing as well. Additionally, traveling takes a lot of time and money but you get to explore different places around the world. My question to you, where would you like to travel first? I would love to travel to either Korea, Japan, China, or Thailand.

      1. Hey Cui I also like taking pictures of skies especially in the city! To answer your question I actually have a long list of places I would like to visit Japan is on my list as well but I hope to go to Paris next.

    2. hey Faith! I love the name very different . its okay I can’t sing either but music definitely changes my mood as well.

    3. Welcome, Faith!

      Art, fashion, and photography are great ways to develop and express your artistic or aesthetic vision. Walking around and looking is so important, too, developing your observation skills. All of this can inform your design choices.

      What differences do you find when you use a disposable camera instead of your phone to take pictures?

  9. Hi my name is Belen Vazquez I live in Queens it’s about 45 min to an hour from City Tech . Depends on Nyc traffic . I love painting I’m not the best at it but I enjoy playing around with color and creating new things. I love going on adventures and finding cool places along NYC . I also enjoy going to quiet and beautiful places with amazing views to just think . I have a family of 5 with myself included I am the middle child. My family is very important to me they’re my motivation and they’re always pushing me to do better . I have chosen Com D as my major because it’s a field where I can express the way I feel and give a part of my creativity . (If that makes any sense ) . My personality has a lot to do with why I want to do this , in a way I love meeting people and making friends . I’m shy at first because I don’t know you but once I start getting comfortable I’m very goofy and outgoing ! If I had the chance to have any superpowers I’d like to FLY.. please and thank you .

    1. Welcome, Belen!

      You’re the first to mention painting. Classmates: does anyone else like to paint? I love that you wrote that you play with painting–it’s so important to bring that sense of fun and experimentation to your creative endeavors!

    2. Hey Belen! I’ve never tried to paint I always thought of it as if you cant draw(like me) then you definitely can’t paint, so I never tried it sadly. I also have a big family, it’s 6 of us to be exact. Which by the way I am the oldest of 4 so I can also relate to family being very important to me. They can be annoying at times but they push me and motivate me a lot.

  10. Hi, My name is Kevin Lezama. I was born in Queens where I lived Shortly in south Jamaica as a baby until I moved to east New York where I lived out most of my childhood. I eventually resided back to Queens in woodhaven,where I currently live now. Although based off my very shy and quiet demeanor on the first day of class you wouldn’t know I use to be a dancer, No not professionally but I was a competitive ballroom dancer. I led our dance group to seconds in city’s and also with most individual medals, you can say I was pretty good. I eventually left the dance floor for a glove and bat.I got fully invested into baseball I was never an all-star player so I eventually moved onto other sports. I was always better at basketball,soccer and football anyway( even tho I had an unmatched love for baseball) I found out about volleyball and fell in love instantly.Oh and I won MVP for volleyball. Did I mention I was 19 and a cancer? well,In my senior year in high school I won graphic designer of the year and multiple musical awards as well. I was also student president. I’m very shy at first but please don’t get discouraged once I open up I can be a very outgoing and creative and overall a caring person.So I hope to grow and learn from you all. Thank you.

    1. Hey kevin I also enjoy playing volleyball I was also on my schools volleyball team . Congrats on all your awards !

    2. Welcome, Kevin!

      I’m sure you’ll find classmates who play the sports you’ve written about here, but I wonder if anyone else has ever done ballroom dance?! I learned in college in the ballroom dance club but never competed. I wonder if you see ways that dance influences your artistic sensibility?

  11. My name is Elijah Castra and I am 18 years old attending city tech for communication design, hoping to develop skills a graphic designer or gamer designer in my time being here. I went to a high school in Brooklyn called S.T.A.R Early College H.S. Some of my hobbies include playing video games (such as call of duty, 2k, fortnite, rocket league, gta etc…), I also upload YouTube videos of me playing games(sometimes), I like to draw, write my own stories, and chill with my friends. I am not the most social person so I guess I’m “anti-social” it’s just that things in my past just make me have issues when it comes to meeting new people. I am very interested to see how my time here at city tech will be and gonna try to make the most of what I do here

  12. My name is Nathaniel and I’m 17 years old. I’m a libra. I’m at city tech and my major is communication design. I like playing video games and sometimes I draw. I like marvel and animated movies. I also like watching cartoons. I hope to have a chill first semester at city tech

  13. Hi, my name is Joel , i’m eighteen years old. I graduated from the high school of Art and Design , my major at that school was illustration. I learned many techniques based off from sketching and painting. An example is “sight measuring” where you take your thumb and pencil and squint your eyes and with the pencil and thumb you estimate the size of the object or subject , after by simply putting it on paper after. My hobbies are watching youtube , producing art such as paintings and drawings, also photography and lastly playing videogames mostly on my Playstation 4 console. This is my first year in City Tech , i hope i learn new things and skills.

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