Reminders for ENG 1101, M9/17

Project #1 was due by the end of the day last Wednesday, 9/12. Be sure you submitted it on the FYLC site, choosing “2018 Spevack and Rosen” as your category.

The Project #1 Cover Letter was due by Thursday, 9/13, in my mailbox in N512. I only received a few. Please have these available for me at the start of class.

For Project #2, we got off to a slow start because we didn’t have time to draft in class. Some of you have started drafting on our site, which is great. Take some time to draft on your own, and we will do some in-class drafting on Monday 9/17 as well. Please have spent some time thinking about all parts of the assignment, and have chosen an avatar. When you write about it, it would be good to include a larger version of the image than the thumbnail of you in your avatar, if only for the purposes of analyzing the image.

You will have completed the viewing part of your homework before tomorrow: Watch “Ways of Seeing” Part 1video. However, we have not discussed our blogging guidelines. Please come to class prepared to discuss the video, and we will discuss our blogging guidelines for the semester.

Finally, I asked that everyone be up-to-date with glossary entries. Since tomorrow starts Week 3 for us, that means you should have completed 2 glossary entries so far. We will do some critiques, so it’s essential we have a good supply to work with!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reply here or to get in touch with me directly. Thanks to anyone who asked questions because that helps me know what isn’t clear.

See you soon!