Gig Economy

Gig economy (adj.)

Merriam Webster: a sector of work mainly dedicated to temporary or freelance work.

Source: “When Your Boss is an Algorithm”. “I have learned that drivers at ride-hailing companies may have the freedom and flexibility of gig economy work, but they are still at the mercy of a boss, an algorithmic boss”

From the definition, I can tell that gig economy could mean any freelance jobs like artists or graphic designers


Idealize (v.)

Merriam Webster: to form ideals.

Source: The Senses eBook “Exhibits following universal design principles can facilitate a powerful feeling of inspiration, awe, wonder, and excitement for all visitors, not just those who meet an idealized persona.

Looking at images, I can see that idealize means something that someone would want to be back isn’t



Facilitate (v.)

Merriam Webster definition: to make easier

Source: The Senses eBook ”Inclusive design facilitates this social inclusion and interaction…”

Using images I can see visual representations of what the word means.



Benevolent (adj.)

Definition: marked by or disposed to doing good ( Merriam Webster)

Source: “When Your Boss is an Algorithm.” First sentence of paragraph 4, “Data and Algorithms are presented as objective, neutral, even benevolent.”

While looking at images of benevolent, I saw a lot of images of people being kind and helping out someone else





Physics that deals with the mechanical action or relations of heat. This definition comes from the Merriam-Webster dictionary. I encountered this word while reading “The Tool” reading.

The author uses the word in the sentence “In this spirit do engineers, physicists concerned with thermodynamics, and the swarm of preoccupied draughtsmen tackle their work.”

Thermodynamics deals with the transfer of energy