Saturation Studies: Phase 4

This project taught me a lot about the color wheel in general, and how much of a difference it makes when you change the saturation or value of a color. The painting and the poster taught me more about that, and how tone, saturation, and value can set a type of mood. I struggled a lot with the painting part of this project because it took a lot of times to start over. However, the digital part of this project was pretty easy to me only because of me knowing how to do it. I think I enjoyed this project a little, and it taught me a lot about the differences of mixing colors with not just white and black and actually using different colors.

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Phase 3

Saturation Studies: Phase 3

Time: 2 hrs

The temperature my group was cool, and we got the swiss poster called Pavement. My group decided to have the bitter whistle as our main word, and as our “featured bands” the names icy shriek, and sharp snarle. For a cool temperature you instantly think of blue, and especially of our words we wanted to have a blue poster. This particular poster didn’t use the font of “Universalis”, like how Professor Spevack’s was. Instead the other swiss font it had was called “Switzera”. The only thing i struggled with was that because it was the Switzera font for some reason I had to adjust the point size to what I thought was exact as the poster because it wasn’t exactly the same. Especially, since the word bitter whistle is longer than pavement.

Saturation Studies: Phase 1


Time: 1 HR

The image on the right is the original color wheel, and my unique color wheel was centered around the concept of fruits. I knew some fruits off the top of my head that fit in the color wheel, especially for the “rare” colors like magenta and cyan. Just so you can know those fruits aren’t just photoshopped to the color you can look up the fruits for magenta & cyan, which are dragonfruit and blue quandong.



1. out-and-out nonsense; bunkum

Bunkum: foolish talk/nonsense

I found this word in the articleĀ The Way We Live Now: 11-11-01 ; Lost and Found, in the sentence “That Canal Street used to be a canal. That Bryant Park used to be a reservoir. It’s all hokum. I’ve been to Canal Street, and the only time I ever saw a river flow through it was during the last water-main explosion.”

In this excerpt the author is trying to say how the “facts” about New York are just non sense or like foolish talk. To somebody that has never seen or experienced this history or facts about New York, basically all they’re listening to isĀ hokum.

Image result for hokum word


Value-Added Portraits: Phase 1

Broad range

In these 3 photos, the first one is a lowkey value which is the darkest photo out of all of them. The shadows and little highlight of my hand makes you really have to look at the image to see the shape of my hand. Which the little highlight helps with. The second photo is a highkey value which is shown through how mostly white and highlighted the photo is. There is barely any shadow showing because of how much light is entering the photo. The last photo is a broad range photo which shows a middle value of a lot of grey but still some shadow and highlights throughout the photo.

Sound Visualization: Phase 4

My thoughts about this particular project is that I found it really interesting in the beginning with the drawing out what we heard in the music. It got really complicated once animating came into it, but now I learned something new with animating in Photoshop. I know some things I could’ve worked on is my time management with this project. I know I was really lost on what to do, so next time for a project I would really work on being way better on time management. Overall, I actually Ā learned a lot about animating, and photoshop. The ending result of my animation I was actually pretty satisfied with because I liked how differently I tried to animate it from everybody else’s animation.

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Sound Visualization: Phase 1

The song I used for staccato sketches isĀ calledĀ Black Sheep by MetricĀ and for the legato sketches I did the songĀ Teleport 2 MeĀ by Kid Cudi.

The staccato song is a rock song so at the beginning of the song you hear a lot of the electric guitar repeating a certain rhythm and its very fast. The legato song has a lot of humming and a slow rhythm, however it is a mixture of slow and fast rhythm but the overall feel of the song is legato.




a loud arrogant boaster
– Merriam Webster Dictionary

I found this word in the reading “The Way We Live Now: 11-11-01; Lost and Found”.

It was used in the sentence, “Although that bit about the Dutch buying Manhattan for 24 bucks might have something to it — there are and always will be braggarts who ”got in at the right time.”

The author uses the word in this sentence to express the way people can be obnoxious, or like used in the definition, arrogant and brag about things that don’t need to be bragged about.

Sound Visualization: Phase 3


This animation is 10 seconds long and I decided not to have both my audio for staccato and legato overlapping each other. I wanted the two songs to have their own impact and, the drawings I did for each song to move with the audio meant for it. The song for staccato is called Black Sheep by Metric, and the legato song is called when the party is over by Billie Eilish.

Overall Hours: 6 hrs