Color Harmony: Phase 1

The first image is a analogous for the color blue and purple that they are close nieghbors, monochromatic for the saturation of the purple background and complementary for the bit of yellow zippers and the purple hair with the background. This character is called Patrone and she is a bomber type (ice/ rock), and quite silence.

The second image is a monochromatic for the value of the background and the chrarcter’s clothing and analogous for the light purple hair and the blue on her physical appearance, dress and background. This charcter is Natalia, a noble wolf that weilds a spear, she’s a attacker type  (ice/ rock), very brave and serious in battles.

The third image is a complementary for the color red on the character’s appearance and the green backgroud as well, near complementary for green is complementary with red and pink is close with the color red and monochromatic for the saturation of the green background and a bit of the red on the character’s appearance. This character is Joy, she’s a support type (fire/ scissors), hard working medic, very caution, never misses a patient and makes her patients feel nervous thinking she has no experience since she’s young or so as they thought.

These three image are credit and owned by VisualShowers.

Durations: 2-3 days to gather images

15-25 minutes to edit and redesign images.

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