Color Interaction Parings: Phase 3

Step 1 – Color Research Process

calm, relax, classical music, video games, friendly

Step 2 – Color Mockups 

I picked gray for my partner Evelynn’s color because she likes gray and also she has a sort of neutral personality. The video that I saw on youtube explains gray as a neutral color and gray is also a color that’s desaturated and plus evelynn always wear neutral colors so that’s why I picked gray. The color we both shared was a greenish color that we both find amusing and drawn to.  The medium green also gives the concept of calmness and relaxation.

Step 3 –  Icon Research Process

Lando’s Thumbnails

I chose a fish for evelynn because she interested in sea mammals. She also fishes as pets and she enjoys the simple things in life. Shes also a very calm person and shes nice.


This part of the phase took approximately2 hours to complete.


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