Color Interaction Parings: Phase 3

Step 1 – Color Research Process

calm, relax, classical music, video games, friendly

Step 2 – Color Mockups 

I picked gray for my partner Evelynn’s color because she likes gray and also she has a sort of neutral personality. The video that I saw on youtube explains gray as a neutral color and gray is also a color that’s desaturated and plus evelynn always wear neutral colors so that’s why I picked gray. The color we both shared was a greenish color that we both find amusing and drawn to.  The medium green also gives the concept of calmness and relaxation.

Step 3 –  Icon Research Process

Lando’s Thumbnails

I chose a fish for evelynn because she interested in sea mammals. She also fishes as pets and she enjoys the simple things in life. Shes also a very calm person and shes nice.


I learned the important lesson that Illusions worked best with opposites or complementary colors. The reason our shared color(green) appears different is due to the fact that green complements red and yellow is a very different shade from tree. Its also important to recognize that colors appear different based on background color.

This part of the phase took approximately2 hours to complete.


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