Class Notes: Practice Final Exam

In today’s class, you will be writing a practice final exam. This writing will become the basis for our Final Exam review next week.

You should bring with you your practice Final Exam reading “A Natural Fix for ADHD” by Richard A. Friedman, and make sure it’s as marked up as you need it to be to write the essay.

You were also given a copy of the questions. Bring that page as well. Choose one of the two questions and write your response.

Your writing is your attendance for the day. I need one volunteer to get the envelope from my mailbox (N512) and one volunteer to return the envelope with everyone’s writing.

For the lab, we decided that the best use of time would be to work on Project #4. This can include drafting your didactic panels, drafting or further developing your catalogue entry, or beginning to draft the cover letter. We will address the cover letter in class on Monday, so it would be most productive if everyone had spent some time brainstorming for that aspect of the assignment.

If you have any questions, please ask by leaving here or emailing me directly. If you would like to volunteer to pick up or drop off the envelope, please do so by leaving a comment here. I will be very grateful!

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  1. Thanks! It’s in the main office for the English department, so it should be unlocked. I’ll let the admin assistant know you’ll come to get it before 1pm.

    N512 is on the 5th floor in the middle of the hallway. It’s not on the main hallway but is down a little hall near to where you’d leave Namm to go to the Library building, opposite (not next to) the vending machines.

    Thanks again!

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