Class Notes: Catalogue Entry

Important aspects of E.N.’s draft:

  • working outside of the digital is a departure from usual workflow
  • makes an argument about the materials used
  • HAS A RATIONALE for the work included in the book
  • links to sources
  • different topics: everyday objects; uniformity; blackout poetry; digital vs analog/physical/material/tactile
  • show what from the outside sources is relevant and how it influenced the work or how it relates to your work
  • process, choices–how you ended up making what you made
  • what effect did you want this to have? who are you including or excluding? what message did you want them to take away from spending time with your work?
  • highlight the 4 pages/spreads you write the didactic panels about–though without repeating exactly what you say in those didactic panels
  • artist’s bio: how does this represent your artistic vision, your aesthetic sensibility, how is it a departure?

To do BY THE END OF 12/3:

  • post a brainstorm of your catalogue entry
  • post your 4 didactic panels
  • Use the category ENG 1101 Project #4 and any tags you want

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