Catalogue Entry

The glossument book The Book of Me has entries of vocabulary words learned by the artist, and they’re illustrated in a way of trying to portray the definition. This project was drawing inspiration from Tom Phillips’ The Humument, which was a book filled with blackout poetry.The Book of Me is supposed to represent a concept of being able to use anything as a canvas to convey your artwork.

Another concept that the project drew heavy inspiration is from the comic book style, or even pop art. The use of bold colors and the type of graphics there are in comic books or pop art are seen various times in The Book of Me. Each page has its own mood that it’s expressing by using different color backgrounds and materials that make each layout telling individual stories like in a comic book.

Blackout poetry wasn’t a concept that the artist tried to take away from The Humument, but the concept of having words stand out from the rest of the page is what they took from it.


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