Definition: “Having definite or definable limits or having a limited nature or existence.” (Merriam-Webster definition). 


Founded: “The Inclusive Museum” by Sina Bahram.

Comprehend: It’s basically the opposite of infinity, something that won’t last forever, limited extension.



Definition: “To provide with something desired, needed, or suited.” (Merriam-Webster definition).


Founded: “The Inclusive Museum” by Sina Bahram.

Comprehend: According to the story, the author is consider disability because for the fact that she is blind, the museum will provide assisstance for her and she mentions that in every museum entrance have automatic door opener, she claims that for most of the other patients think it to be a pure acessibility accommodation, pointing out that the museum’s assisstance is fairly convenient for everyone, even those who are not disability.



Definition: “A result of perceiving; observation or a mental image : concept.” (Merriam-Webster defenition.)


Founded: “The Inclusive Museum” by Sina Bahram.

Comprehend: According to the story, the author points out that she has some light perception vison even though she is blind, she can mentally imagine what she is observing meaning that she can identify when she approaches to a light view.



Class Notes: Glossument project


  • What do you hope to get from the Glossument project?
  • What do you need to do to successfully complete the project?
  • What questions do you have about the project? OR: what roadblocks have you encountered?

What goes into the catalog entry?

  • covers the 4 pages/spreads you’ve written didactic panels for, or more (can address the Glossument book overall).
  • specific focus on the 4 you’ve chosen to highlight–not all general
  • inspiration
    • you might include some bio that addresses you as a designer/artist/writer as is relevant to this project
    • personal aesthetic/design aesthetic
    • even if it’s to say “this is a departure from the artist’s previous work, which focused more on X and Y instead of Z”
  • motivation(s)
  • THEME(S)
  • research: show that you know what’s come before, that you’re aware of others’ projects
  • technique


  • complete 4-6 pages/spreads in your Glossument book
  • post by Friday one didactic panel
  • aim to complete the 4 didactic panel drafts for Monday
  • in class, start to outline our catalog entry
  • please bring your book with you for class
  • we will revise our schedule to complete Project #4
  • be sure to be up-to-date on glossary entries, 12-13 words

Didactic one

Ii wanted to use both definitions of the word to help guide me with this visual. The first definition being diffusion. and the second being a gradual assimilation of ideas.

Using the yellow paper, i like to think of it as Osmosis’ origin. This is where the word began or idea, however in the middle of the page, this paper turns white, signifying a change in origin, somewhere different, for this idea to pass through, only to come back out into it’s original space.

acrylic and marker on paper 

Valued- Added Portraits: Phase 4

For this project, I learned a lot about broad value range and narrow value range, two words at the beginning had no clue what they meant at all. I gained more experience on photoshop since i am a newbie at it so that’s is useful for me and something i can apply in the future. The things i could have done better might have be the painting, since i was kind of rushing it even though it doesn’t look like it, but with more time i could have put into it, the results would have been more better. However, I’m still proud at the end of the finishing of the painting.

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Valued- Added Portraits: Phase 2

For this phase of the project, you can tell the different between my images of which one is broad value range and which is narrow value range. For the broad value range, i wanted my figure to stand out with the plain white background compare to the narrow value range that has a black background. The center point for the broad value range image is the three eyes i have since it draws more attentions and how it looks unique and alien like. Meanwhile for my narrow value range image, the focus point is the nose in the column of eyes because its only one nose in the sea of eyes and that my lower face is like a tail, almost like a sea animal that’s alien like roaming the sea. the hours i spent on this was 3 hours max.

Valued- Added Portraits: Phase 3

So here you see the 4 images i worked on for this project. The painting is based off of the broad value range image that i had to glue on paper. while the narrow value range is digital made on photoshop and is based off of the narrow value range i also had to glue on paper. The easiest i have to say was the painting since I had some knowledge on doing shadowing  to contrast and adding highlights to certain spots to bring out the features. This was the most complicated project to do because i didnt’t get it at first and didn’t understand until a little later. The narrow value range is the revision i did with the help of my fellow classmates and teacher and their feedback to how improve my work more. I spent a whole day if you count all the hours invested to each image you see.

Didactic #1

The theme of this design will be focusing on the word “futile” and futile means something pointless, useless or incapable of doing something. So, I decided to design an character that might resemble to the topic with some significants element in the art piece. This art piece was made from printed paper cuttin in piece with the word “futile” on it and my drawing itself. After drawing the character, I took a chunck of pages, highlighted and cut it with the knifing tools. One side is covered with the chunky pieces with the word on it and the chunck pages were use to see what it through the open cut space.