Color Interaction Parings: Phase 1

I learned that colors have “physical facts and physic effect. Factual color is how we first perceiveĀ a color through experience. Actual color is achieved because “seeing one color makes our eye want to compensateĀ by seeing its complement” That’s why when we see the two X’s there appears to be two colors when it’s actually three, the yellow, purple/gray and the X. Optical mixture changes the way we perceive color too, changing one color can make the whole image look different (brick example). She says a quote “Practice before theory” which basically means you have two types of knowledge. Knowledge by description (direct knowledge through background knowledge) and knowledge by an acquaintance – perform it via experience (as you see/perceiveĀ it) (Color in context)

The article is about how our brain there’s an afterimage effect. Our brain likes to stick with what it expects which is why we see an illusion. In the audio Alber says “The majority of the people miss the true reality” which means our brain is wired to perceiveĀ things quickly just enough for our survival that we don’t stare long enough to actually “see through” what’s happening around us. In the article, if you stare long enough at the dot, you can see yellow diamonds on the right because of the contrast reversal. What I learned from this is that if we stare hard enough and try to pay attention to detail, we can see colors that others normally wouldn’t see at first glance. (The Magic and Logic of Color)

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