Class Notes: Project #4 drafting


  • Project #3 is due on 11/26/18 by the start of class
  • We will work on the Glossument in class so be sure to have your book
  • We will work on drafting parts of Project #4, so be sure to have more materials developed in your Glossument as the foundation for your work on Project #4

Writing didactics/labels/wall text for our Glossument projects:

  • Write about the page/spread
  • refer to the artist in 3rd person if at all
  • the genre of this writing is not a reflection piece
  • about a paragraph or two
  • aim for 50 words
  • audience: visitors/viewers
    • some are knowledgeable
    • some are invested
    • some want to learn but don’t know much
  • jargon vs instructive language? aim to reach a wide audience
  • name each piece so it’s easier to refer to it. Could be the word you’re representing, or that word in a phrase, or something else
  • write about:
    • choices you made
    • your method
    • what materials and why
    • what effect you aimed for
    • how you see it represent the word you’re depicting
    • How this page/spread represents your theme, or, How this page/spread fits within your overall Glossument book
  • some resources:
  • Add your first didactic panel as a post, including a photograph of the page you’re writing about; Comment on at least one classmate’s post by Wednesday Friday, 11/30
    • Use the category ENG 1101 Project #4
    • Use any tags you think are appropriate

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