Class notes: reflecting on and writing about A Glossument


  • shading
  • cutting
  • blackout poetry
  • illustration
  • white-out
  • use 2 pages
  • in process
  • repetitive vs variety
  • character design
  • use more descriptive words
  • use the project to represent your own interests in art/design/writing
  • painting
  • gluing different words on different pages
  • collage
  • gluing pages together
  • window
  • wouldn’t it be cool to cut out so much of the book that you make a space for something or the word itself

How much does the text matter vs. the visual?

  • poetry?
  • dictionary entry?
  • something else?
  • helps the illustration match with the glossary entry word
  • let’s workshop the poetry/text aspect
  • tell a story
  • represent the defined word in a creative way, playful, engaging
  • also while still being accurate, informative

Theme, technique, argument:

  • uniformity on the page
  • random choices vs. planned choiced
  • display of range
  • find a path in chaos if you choose chaos

What would you want to know more about?

  • know more about word origins, etymology
  • how different colors affect mood: color theory, psychology of color
  • impact of learning new words
  • Tom Phillips, A Humument
  • Altered books
  • other artists and techniques: look at the compiled references
  • poetic/writing techniques such as collage poetry, concrete poetry

search terms

  • words that you put into the search bar
  • Google, Wikipedia

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