Avatar Bio (Updated Version)

Part 1: Biography

Hello my name Jordan Anderson. I am a freshman at City Tech College. As a person I’m a very straight forward person. Not really the talkative type but Im not afraid to interact with other people. I like being in quiet places so it can help me focus. I also like a wide variety of music. Rock, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Japanese, Some Heavy Metal, etc. My major is Graphic Design. I want to make videogame and do animation. I’ve been playing videogames for most of my life. Seeing how games are now of days like removing content that should be in the game and making you pay for it. That’s method is called Downloadable Content or DLC for short. I want make games how they use to be. Making you earn stuff on your own without paying extra money. Back to 90s and early 2000s.

Part 2: Avatar and image description

For my avatar I choice Sonic the hedgehog. Sonic was a big part of my childhood. Plus I a like speedster. Sega’s mascot Sonic is a very easygoing hyperactivity hedgehog. He is a 15 year old hedgehog that can run at hypersonic speeds and above. He cares dearly about his friends and does whatever he can to not only save his friends but everyone. Just like most speedster, Sonic is cocky and over confident. Beliveing that hes the fastest thing alive. Sonic can also be very impatient at times to the point that he just leaves if someone if taking to long. Sonic is one of the most popular and well-known videogame characters of all time even rivaling the popularity of Mario. Even through I’m not as hyperactivity as Sonic, I am easygoing. Pretty much I don’t have a problem with things that are different. As long as it’s good. When I’m annoyed I can get very impatient where I just don’t want to do anything anymore or just leave. Sonic is a character I hold dearly to my heart as I can related to him. Me and older brother were to play Sonic the hedgehog 2 on the Sega genesis everyday and my little 5 year old mind just enjoyed every minute of it. Even though I did grow up Mario to, I just enjoyed Sonic a lot more.

Final Part: Conclusion

I feel like I have nothing else to add to my profile. This is who I am. I’m a very straight forward person. Not really the talkative type but Im not afraid to interact with other people.

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