Project #3: Juxtapositions

As the day set, and the class was ready to head out for the field trip to New Lab, I already had in mind of the  new juxtaposition I wanted to focus on while working. For the first idea I had was the juxtaposition on buildings or landmarks. I already took pictures of the place I had fixated on, knowing the directions of how to get there and all. I center my eyes on the church details compare to today’s modern ones where its all geometric, glass, metal lines which not one single attribute.  I felt like buildings where to easy for me for this project since downtown Brooklyn had a good couple of them all around. I thought of the idea of timeless while the world around it was evolving and moving forward to futuristic designs. I still kept my same thought of that timeless theme, but on a new subject: vintage cars. I wasn’t thinking about the cars that’s been throughout the 70’s to 2010’s. No, I wanted those rare unique ones that isn’t easily spotted in the city. So as soon I walked out those college doors, my journey begins.

I have pay attention to every car parked and on the road while walking with my classmates. I saw one I thought that will be good car, but it was an early 2000’s one that has this dull colors that most New York City has. The irksome dark blue, red, gray, and the classic all black, in which I called them the dying colors of the city, even though its the most popular one. As we got closer to our destination, I still wasn’t able to find a good  vintage car. All I keep spotting was deliver trucks, buses with crowds which I personally avoid, motorcycles, and more present- day cars. This was going to be a tough challenge I thought to myself. That finding “the one” was gonna be more harder than I thought and I simply needed pure luck. We have finally arrived to New Lab, which the area itself look like a factory where workers worked at since the early 1900’s. However, it did reminded me of a small town, well actually a ghost town since it felt like the class were the only people there. As we continue to work around, discovering landmarks in the area, walking through what felt like a maze since we had to turn back and redirect ourselves that felt like ages. We were finally on the right path. While working down to a street that felt like a long hallway, the class were broken up in which some where all the way in front with the professors and the rest where midway or back following the rest, my luck has came.While I follow the crowd,  I encounter “the one.”   Parked between the two regular cars, it was a small bright yellow car that has fail to blend in with the rest. As the area looked boring, that car in this area would have stand out no matter what, even with yellow taxi cabs.  The car looked timeless and that’s exactly what I was looking for to all day.

After the picture I took of the yellow vintage car, I saw visual relationship between of the vintage yellow car, and the modern days. You see, vintage are unique and rare in the world, especially in the city. Depending on which vintage you want and the quality, ranges from prices to high or low. Some are more expensive than your everyday car where some were used to own by celebrities who passed away. However, most of the time, depending on the brand or company, they are affordable. Now, the very difference between the two cars, is that the classics have mechanical parts that hard to come by to get replace and isn’t electric. Like some modern day ones so you gonna need a good gallon of oil in case you don’t wanna stop for gas, just like the classics so that is one similarity between the two. Even though from the outside might look nice or lovely, the inside however might have some discomfort. With certain classic cars, they lack of airbags which can leave you in a huge risks of injuries or accidents. No air conditioner also will be missing so you might as well get used opening up your windows for the sweet air on a hot summer day, so in case you do wanna have all the advantages, you can head to the local  car store to see if you want to add any adjustments, and independent parts stores for any missing parts or readjustments.

If you are thinking about buying one, better get used to all the attentions since people love to look, stare, and take pictures if they can. It’s also wise to remember that a vintage car isn’t as fun to own if you don’t fully enjoy driving it. If you choose to modify or upgrade, do so wisely and with caution. Upgrade suspension and brakes before making it faster, and try not to chop the wiring harness into an indecipherable mess when you’re adding electronic conveniences. Also an essential tip is that you’re going to develop a very sharp nose for the smells of burning oil, electrical fires, boiling coolant, and unburnt hydrocarbons in your car’s exhaust to ensure the safety of yourself and the care of your car.


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