Project #2 revision and Project #3 draft cover letters

For Project #2:

What’s different about your finished version?

How does it meet the assignment requirements now?

How does this version respond to or incorporate my suggestions?

Any thoughts about the kind of feedback I provided? What worked and what didn’t?

What grade does this new finished version deserve, based on the grading rubric? Consider all 4 categories in the rubric.

For Project #3:

What have you accomplished for this draft?

What work still needs to be done? Be thorough, since this will help me see your vision for your project.

How has this become a topic you’re interested in?

What feedback do you want from me to move you from draft to finished product?

How much more time do you think you need to devote to Project #3?

What grade do you think you have already earned? What grade are you aiming for with the revised version that you’ll submit next?

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