Value-Added Portraits: Phase 1

The high-key image sets the mood of morning time. The light is hard against the skin which because it’s by the window one can tell the sun is still out thus, morning time. The highlight of the hand is closer to the glass and the shadow is at the center of the image. It is abrupt even though it has a small gradient from white to gray. This could contribute to a serene mood because the hand is resting in the morning light.

The broad range image sets the mood of curiosity through the hand gesture brushing against the surface for texture. The light here is a gradient with various whites, grays and dark value ranges. The shadow is underneath the fingertips and by the palm while the highlights are on the thumb connecting to the skin. This could contribute to mystery because the shadow and light remind me of night time where hard shadows from the moonlight tend to appear.

The low-key image sets the mood of drama because of its intense shadows and the highlight only on the edge of the hand. It is very abrupt but still offers a gradient from gray to dark. This contributes to drama because the only lit part of the hand is on the side but the room is generally dark which makes you unknown to what the hand may be reaching out to.

Hours: 1 hour 20 minutes

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