Sound Visualization Mashup: Phase 3


Song used: See You again instrumental, and Idfc instrumental

The animation is 10 seconds long. I tested out many songs to go with this animation but there were only two that fit together along with fitting in with the animation. I have spinning images and some are wiggly. Then theres a few that are fade ins and most of them enter from the side. Overall i spent around 5 hours and is satisfied.

6 Replies to “Sound Visualization Mashup: Phase 3”

  1. i think the design and movements in the video are really nice, i really like how you incorporated each option into the animation, such as transform, opacity and style. it shows you put a lot of time and effort into it.

  2. I would’ve liked to see the image come together first before fading away, and also I feel like both of the songs represent a smooth feel to it. But either then that I like the mashup and would like to see your next.

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