New lab trip

The first photo is the new lab and second is the farm shelf that was on the second floor outside of the 3d printing room. I liked the farm shelf. You can easily grow plants here and instead of gardening you can use the farm shelf. You wouldn’t need to wait weeks to get plants transferred to the city. Also instead of paying, you can grow your own. It makes farming available wherever you are, like the city where farms don’t exist. They even grow faster than it would in fields. It is also small and does not take up many space.

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  1. I also liked the farm shelf. The tour guide said that chefs could use the herbs they wanted to anytime with this because not only do they grow fast, but they could completely control the temperature and how they grow. This is not only convenient but also with the glass case you wouldn’t have to worry about insects and can avoid the chemicals in pesticide.

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