Field Trip to New Lab

In October 22, 2018, is a field trip to New Lab in 19 Morris Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205. New Lab is a Old Big remodel facility located on the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Back in the 1900s during WWI & WWII, this area used to be a factory yard where they build Navy ships to send them to war. Today, this place called New Lab is a facility where all engineering companies join together and produces some advance technology such as A.I, 3D Printing, virtual reality and more. First, they represent a piece of item made from 3D printing that is supposed to be the part of the rocket’s nozzle and showed us a video of testing the item. Then, they introduced the 3D printing which is very big to produce anything lesser than its sizes and showed us some nice items created by the 3D printing. I’ve never seen how a 3D printing actually works until to this day and I was quite amazed when they also introduced one of the produces that they call eco-friendly and it does have some great advantages of benefiting the ecosystem.

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