Sound Visualization Mashup: Phase 1

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When I listened to my first song “20 mins” by lil the artist of lil uzi vert I was intrigued because of the beat. The beat was very jumpy and consistent in my opinion. In terms of patterns I thought the patterns was repetitive. Also I feel as if the shape was circle-like in a hypnotizing type beat. These observations kind of makes me drawn to the music in a way.

Now for my second song, I though the beat was more relaxed in a way. I thought that the the beat was more smooth in the way that makes people want to listen to it. In terms of the pattern the beat was very consistent and unexacting at the same time. In terms of shape I felt as if the beat more of a triangle shape type beat. These observations actually made me more in tune with the song.


I spent about 15-20 mins drawing the sound of the music.

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