Sound Visualization Mashup: Phase 1

So the song that I choose to make these thumbnails on the image is “Want You” by Rynx feat. Miranda Glory and the genre of this music piece is based on pop/ electronic. Most of the thumbnails have these wobbling scripts and they represent the vocals and/or the bass of the music played and they’re also known as legato figures because it has this very slow and flow rhythm (for some of the wobbly thumbnails).

The top left is a bit unusual  and it is also known as staccato because all angles and lines are connected together and it has this very pointy edged that in music represents a rhythm that all different pieces are connected. These thumbnails are only instruments that are played on the music and hearing each part of the instrument I reimagined how they would look like and redesign it using my perspective image. I understand that the artist is showing signs of excitement and show it’s unique style of music and it the reason it’s one of my favorite songs is for the the amazing vocals and melodies that the artist is using as well as the amazing rhythm and potential on the bass/ percussion part.




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